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Larx Trading is a leading provider of home innovations since 2016. Dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers through cutting-edge technologies and modish designs, we believe in promoting only the dominant brands in every industry that we engage in.

Our mission is to be the preferred destination for consumers seeking innovative yet practical solutions for their homes and daily lives. We are committed to offering superior products that combine functionality, quality and state of the art technologies while providing exceptional customer service and value.

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Larx Trading Philips Smart Lock
Larx Trading Philips Fingerprint Testing Smart Lock

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Larx Trading has been securing homes since 2016. We only bring globally reputable brands we can trust to bring convenience and comfort to your homes.

With Larx Trading, you are guaranteed to experience only exceptional products and reliable after sales and warranty services.




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We only partner with global brands recognized for quality and innovation.

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All products are guaranteed to have high performance and durability.

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We provide support and expertise you can truly count on.

Philips Smart Safe Box

3000 Series SBX301