Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Battery Concerns

Is battery included when you purchase the unit?

  • Yes, testing batteries are included in every package of Epic and LogHome. They may be depleted much faster than normal batteries but once you change to new ones, it should lasts for about 6-10 months. Use only AA Energizer Alkaline battery when changing. Do not mix old vs new batteries.
  • AA Batteries are not included for Philips locks due to shipment restrictions
  • Batteries used for Philips DDL702-1HWS, Alpha-VP-5HW and Alpha-V-5HW are rechargeable lithium battery already included in the package.

What kind of batteries can we use?

Most digital locks use AA Alkaline Battery. The preferred brand is Energizer. Other brands sometimes drain faster.

Can we use rechargeable battery?

No, rechargeable batteries has a different drain behavior vs alkaline batteries which may affect the performance of the digital door lock.

How long does the battery last?

Standard battery life is 6 to 10 months but performance may depend on usage and environment.

Can you operate it even without a battery?

Yes for models with manual key option, you can use it without battery, you can unlock it using the physical key provided with the package.

What if the battery runs out?

  • First thing to do when battery runs out is to try other access ways, some access ways may use less power vs others.
  • For models with physical key, you may use the physical key to unlock the door.
  • For models without physical key, you may use the emergency power terminals provided at the outside body.
    • You may use 9V Alkaline Battery (Square shaped batteries) and connect it tip to tip with the terminal usually located in front of the screen or under the unit.
    • Some models use Micro USB, in this case, you use a power bank for temporary power.

2.) Installation & Configuration

What are the preparations for the installation of door lock?

  • Door should be aligned properly
  • All Philips locks does not come with battery due to shipment restrictions (except for models with built in intercom which uses a different battery type)
  • Installation services are provided to select locations for minimal fee (fee depends on the lock model and door type)

How can I extend the life span of my door lock?

  • Getting good quality door accessories can help (hinges, door closer, door stopper)
  • Minimize friction on the door to prevent force when you’re closing it
  • Keep it safe from sun and rain

What are the requirements to be able to configure your lock with your phone?

  • Wi-Fi router should be near the door lock, make sure the network is strong at the location of the lock
  • Wi-Fi should have a good steady network speed (not intermittent)
  • Gateway & Wi-Fi bridge needs to be near the area of the lock for a stable connection. This would require an outlet where we can plug the device.
  • Wi-Fi configuration service are provided to select locations for Only Php1,500

3.) After Sales & Product Concerns

Do you do repair services? Do you have a service center?

Answer: Yes, you may contact our Customer Care through viber 09171086635. We have service center located at No. 91 Don Jose St, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City

How can I extend the life span of my door lock?

  • Getting good quality door accessories can help (hinges, door closer, door stopper)
  • Minimize friction on the door to prevent force when you’re closing it
  • Keep it safe from sun and rain

What if the kids accidentally activates the privacy mode in model that don’t have mechanical key?

In Philips you can use master PIN to deactivate or to open the lock from the outside.

Is it possible to duplicate the key of the digital lock?

Answer: Most digital door lock’s key are digitally programmed making them difficult to duplicate. If there is a need to change the keys, then we will need to replace the whole key hole set.

What if the door lock gets wet in the rain?

Since all digital door locks are water resistant, there should be no problem if it comes in contact with raindrops or sprinkles of water, but avoid becoming completely soaked or wet

Are they water proof?

No, they can withstand small amount of rainfall but cannot be fully soaked.

How long does the warranty last?

  • For Philips – 2 years warranty parts and service against to any factory defect
  • For Epic, Solity and Loghome – 1 year warranty parts and service against to any factory defect

Have More Questions?

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    Warranty Coverage

    We offer 1-2 years of free warranty since the date of purchase. Period of warranty depends on the brand.

    During the warranty period, in the case of normal use in accordance with the manual, the product defects (which will be identified by our technician) will be repaired free of charge. Parts & service are free, but transportation fee for home service & outside Metro Manila locations options may have minimal fees.

    Please understand that maintenance will not be free under the following circumstances within the warranty period:
    • Man-made damages caused by improper use (such as use of improper parts, improper installation, use not in accordance with the manual, wrong use of damages caused by negligence).
    • Damages caused in transportation or other accidents, any repair or retrofit not approved by our company, and any other damages caused by force majeure (such as a natural disaster or abnormal voltage).
    • Product aging and wear due to normal use.
    • Man-made scratches or damage on the product appearance, wearing and consumable accessories such as the battery, are not covered by warranty
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