Larx Trading Features

  • Ms. Valeen Montenegro Philips 9300
    Philips 9300
  • Ms. Janice De Belen Philips 5100-6H
    Philips 5100-6H
  • Mr. James Deakin Philips 5100-6H
    Philips 5100-6H
  • Mr. Mack Mamplata Wells Water Purifier
    Wells Water Purifier
  • Ms. Geng Maderazo Wells the One
    Wells the One
  • Wells Water Purifier With Mai
    With Mai
  • When in Manila Featuring Philips Easy Key
    Philips Easy Key
  • Ms. Nadine Samonte Philips Alpha-VP-5HW
    Philips Alpha-VP-5HW
  • Mr. Ian Rustia at Larx Trading Showroom
    at Larx Trading Showroom
Larx Trading Trusted Global Brands

Trusted Global Brands

We only partner with global brands recognized for quality and innovation.
Larx Trading High Quality Products

High Quality Products

All products are guaranteed to have high performance and durability.
Larx Trading Reliable After Sales and Warranty

Reliable After Sales and Warranty

We provide support and expertise you can truly count on.