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Epic Bidet ESB-A7600T


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The Epic Bidet ESB-A7600T is electronic toilet seat bidet providing heated seating, personalized wash settings, and eco-friendly features.

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The Epic Bidet ESB-A7600T stands out as a top-notch bathroom fixture designed to elevate the personal hygiene experience. This innovative electronic toilet seat bidet combines functionality with comfort, offering a range of features that cater to the needs of modern households. It has an elongated soft closing seat and covers with a bidet cleansing function, air dryer, and heated seat, with LED light.

Foremost among its features is the adjustable water temperature and pressure control. Users can personalize their experience, choosing from a spectrum of warm to cool water and varying pressure settings. This flexibility ensures comfort for all users, regardless of personal preferences or sensitivities. The ESB-A7600T also includes a nozzle position adjustment, allowing for a more targeted and efficient cleaning.

Hygiene is a top priority with the Epic Bidet ESB-A7600T. It boasts a self-cleaning nozzle function, which ensures that the device is always clean and sanitary for every use. This feature not only provides peace of mind regarding hygiene but also reduces the need for frequent manual cleaning.

User comfort is further enhanced by the inclusion of an air dryer feature. This addition eliminates the need for toilet paper, ensuring a more eco-friendly and gentle cleaning experience. The air dryer's adjustable temperature settings provide a soothing, warm breeze, enhancing the overall comfort of the user.

The ESB-A7600T also features an energy-saving mode, which significantly reduces electricity consumption when the bidet is not in use. This eco-friendly aspect not only saves energy but also cuts down on utility bills, making it an economical choice for households.

Installation of the Epic Bidet ESB-A7600T is straightforward. It is designed to fit most standard toilets, making it an accessible option for a wide range of bathrooms. The sleek and modern design of the bidet complements any bathroom décor, adding a touch of sophistication.

The Epic Bidet ESB-A7600T combines luxury, hygiene, and sustainability. Its user-friendly features, coupled with an emphasis on personal comfort and eco-consciousness, make it an ideal choice for those seeking to upgrade their bathroom experience.

Elongated (515mm)


Since its founding in 2006, Epic Systems Co., Ltd. has exported digital door locks and bidets to almost 100 countries worldwide. Epic smart lock is preferred in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Philippines, and more countries. In 2014, they received the Best Exporter Award. The company strives to lead globally in digital door locks with exceptional software and design quality. Epic smart lock provides homeowners with advanced security and easy access, serving as a top-notch security device. It uses the latest encryption and connectivity technologies, allowing users to remotely lock and unlock their doors through a smartphone app. The Epic digital lock real-time notifications and activity logs. Its sleek design and robust build quality ensure it integrates seamlessly with any home decor, providing a high level of security. Meanwhile, the Epic Bidet also invented a high-quality, feature-rich bidet or bidet attachment for a toilet. These products aim to offer a superior, hygienic alternative to traditional toilet paper by using water for cleansing after using the toilet. Epic bidets often include various advanced features such as adjustable water temperature and pressure, heated seats, air drying functions, and sometimes even remote controls for an enhanced, comfortable bathroom experience. Both products demonstrate Epic's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By entering the smart home market, Epic systems not only diversifies its product range but also contributes to household technology's evolution, simplifying and securing daily tasks for consumers in the Philippines and around the globe.

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