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Epic ES-K70


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This digital lock provides home security with its fingerprint scanner, customizable access codes, and remote management for peace of mind.

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Free Delivery within Metro Manila and Antipolo, Rizal, Shipping/Delivery Charges apply for outside mentioned areas.

Includes 1 Year warranty for all, 2 Years Warranty for Philips EasyKey.

Installation available for Metro Manila and Antipolo, Rizal areas with additional charges (Php500 to Php2,000 depend on door type and doorlock model).

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For pivot doors, doors thicker than 60mm and other specialized doors, please contact us for additional accessories.

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The Epic ES-K70 merges high-end security with ease of use, redefining excellence in smart lock technology. This smart lock gives homeowners ultimate reassurance, knowing their homes are protected by the latest security innovations.

A key highlight of the Epic ES-K70 is its advanced biometric authentication system. This feature uses fingerprint technology for secure entry, allowing only approved users access. This adds a strong security layer, offering more protection than traditional locks. The ES-K70's fingerprint system is not just secure but also quick, making for a smooth and quick operation.

Moreover, the Epic ES-K70 features remote management through a straightforward mobile app. This app lets users lock and unlock their doors from anywhere, providing or denying access as needed. This feature offers unmatched control and convenience, enabling easy home security management right from your smartphone.

The Epic ES-K70 stands out among smart locks with its elegant and strong design, fitting any home's style. Its careful construction not only delivers exceptional security but also boosts your entrance's appearance. Built to last, it's a dependable and attractive option for those looking for a durable and modern smart lock solution.


  • Strong and Durable lock
  • Safety & quality tested
  • Elegant design
  • Strong study body
  • Internal Force Lock
  • Anti-shock feature
  • KC quality certified
  • Smart Lighting function
  • Smart Card Key type
  • Easy open
  • Random Number Feature
  • Fire sensor & safety function
  • Anti-panic Handle system
  • Anti-crime alarm
  • Comfortable features
  • Up to 100 Cards can be registered
  • Multiple card registration
  • Low battery alarm
  • Emergency battery
  • Volume settings
  • Chime bell/voice guide features
  • Operation Status lamp function
  • Mechanical Key
Front Body : 82(W) X 300(H) X 63(D)mm (w / handle), Back Body : 80(W) X 306(H) X 70(D)mm (w / handle)
Unlocking Method
Mechanical Key, PIN Code, RFID Card
Power Supply
DC 6V LR6 1.5V AA Sized Alkaline Battery 8EA
Emergency Battery
DC 9V Alkaline Battery (Sold Separately)
Fire Sensor
62 Degrees +/- 5 Degrees (Normal Room), 72 Degrees +/- 5 Degrees (Testing Room)
Back Body : ZN, ABS, Front Body : AL, ZN, ABS
2 Key, 2 RFID Epoxy, 2 RFID Sticker
1 Guest PIN Number, Up to 100 Fingerprints, Up to 100 RFID Cards


Since its founding in 2006, Epic Systems Co., Ltd. has exported digital door locks and bidets to almost 100 countries worldwide. Epic smart lock is preferred in Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Philippines, and more countries. In 2014, they received the Best Exporter Award. The company strives to lead globally in digital door locks with exceptional software and design quality. Epic smart lock provides homeowners with advanced security and easy access, serving as a top-notch security device. It uses the latest encryption and connectivity technologies, allowing users to remotely lock and unlock their doors through a smartphone app. The Epic digital lock real-time notifications and activity logs. Its sleek design and robust build quality ensure it integrates seamlessly with any home decor, providing a high level of security. Meanwhile, the Epic Bidet also invented a high-quality, feature-rich bidet or bidet attachment for a toilet. These products aim to offer a superior, hygienic alternative to traditional toilet paper by using water for cleansing after using the toilet. Epic bidets often include various advanced features such as adjustable water temperature and pressure, heated seats, air drying functions, and sometimes even remote controls for an enhanced, comfortable bathroom experience. Both products demonstrate Epic's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By entering the smart home market, Epic systems not only diversifies its product range but also contributes to household technology's evolution, simplifying and securing daily tasks for consumers in the Philippines and around the globe.

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