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Philips DDL502-13HBS
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Philips DDL502-13HBS

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This digital lock provides robust security with a sleek design, remote access, and advanced features for modern home protection.

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Free Delivery within Metro Manila and Antipolo, Rizal, Shipping/Delivery Charges apply for outside mentioned areas.

Includes 1 Year warranty for all, 2 Years Warranty for Philips EasyKey.

Installation available for Metro Manila and Antipolo, Rizal areas with additional charges (Php500 to Php2,000 depend on door type and doorlock model).

Additionally, the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the content of this website, are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

For pivot doors, doors thicker than 60mm and other specialized doors, please contact us for additional accessories.

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Key Features:

  • Lock: System lock
  • Safety: Lock-out mode, Dual verification mode
  • Privacy mode: Indoor use only
  • Indicator: Mute status indicator, System lock indicator
  • Alert: Anti-dismantling alert, Low battery alert, abnormal latch bolt alert, Lock-out mode alert, System locking alert
  • Indicator: Door lock status indicator, System locking indicator
  • Voice guide: Human voice guide
Aluminum alloy
Baking Varnishing
Obsidian black
Outside Unlocking Method
Fingerprint, PIN Code
Inside Unlocking Method
Handle, Knob
1 Master PIN Code, 20 User PIN Code, Upto 50 Fingerprints
System unlock mode
General mode
Power Supply
4 AA Alkaline batteries
Battery Life
10 months*
Emergency Charging
5V power bank
Door Material
Door Direction
Left-in Push, Left-out Pull, Right-in Push, Right-out Pull
Door Thickness

The Philips smart lock provides convenience with high-end security features. This smart locking system aims to provide homeowners peace of mind with its advanced encryption and various unlocking options. These options include fingerprint recognition, PIN codes, RFID cards, and even remote access via smartphones. The emphasis on user-friendly technology, without compromising security, distinguishes this smart lock. Its hardware, robust and designed to withstand tampering and forced entry, secures homes effectively. Integration capabilities stand out as one of this smart lock's most appealing features. It seamlessly connects with a broad array of smart home systems, enabling cohesive and centralized home security management. Users can easily control home access, monitor lock status, and receive activity alerts anywhere. They can do this using voice commands through virtual assistants or the Philips digital lock app. Philips values convenience as much as security. The lock's geofencing feature automatically locks or unlocks the door as homeowners approach or leave, providing hands-free convenience, particularly beneficial when carrying groceries or managing children. The system also allows the creation of temporary access codes for guests or service providers, facilitating controlled access without the necessity of physical keys. Despite its sophisticated features, the Philips smart lock boasts a sleek and stylish design that enhances the look of any door it adorns. Its durability, attributed to weatherproof and wear-resistant materials, ensures long-lasting performance even under harsh conditions. The Philips digital door lock demonstrates the impactful role of smart technology in enhancing home security. Offering an optimal mix of convenience, control, and peace of mind, it stands as a valuable investment for anyone seeking to upgrade their home security system.

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