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Solity GEA-1000BK


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This Solity smart lock offers security with fingerprint access, keypad entry, and smart features for convenient, keyless home entry.

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Includes 1 Year warranty for all, 2 Years Warranty for Philips EasyKey.

Installation available for Metro Manila and Antipolo, Rizal areas with additional charges (Php500 to Php2,000 depend on door type and doorlock model).

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For pivot doors, doors thicker than 60mm and other specialized doors, please contact us for additional accessories.

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The Solity GEA-1000BK is a standout smart lock known for its top-notch security, tech features, and easy home access. Solity, one of the leading company in smart home innovation, has crafted the GEA-1000BK to offer high security and simple use, making it a top pick for today's homes.

This smart lock uses a precise motor and strong encryption to ensure safe locking, giving homeowners confidence against unwanted entries. It's tough against typical break-in methods, serving as a strong defense against intruders.

A key highlight of the GEA-1000BK is its variety of entry methods. Owners can open their doors using fingerprint scans, a PIN code, an RFID card, a mobile app, or a traditional key. The fingerprint option stands out for its quick and accurate recognition, providing a handy and secure way in.

The GEA-1000BK is also great for fitting into smart home setups. It can hook up to Wi-Fi and smart home systems, letting users control and check on their lock from afar. This feature adds the convenience of locking or unlocking doors remotely, getting updates on who enters, and setting up access for different users, all of which boost security and ease of use.

Looks-wise, the GEA-1000BK features a sleek, simple design that suits various door types and home styles. It's not only nice to look at but also durable, ready to handle everyday use and tough weather.

User experience is key to the GEA-1000BK, which aims to perfectly blend security, convenience, and style for contemporary living. With its strong security measures, smart tech, straightforward setup, and user-friendly operation, the Solity GEA-1000BK is indeed among the top smart locks available.


1. Fingerprint
2. Pincode
3. SmartKey (RFID)
4. Key
5. Connected Thru App

Note: 4pcs double AA Testing battery included

Lock Type
Push Pull
Door Type
Door Material
Metal, Wood
Door Thickness
Lock Stile

Solity, a visionary smart home security brand, innovates how homeowners protect their properties with advanced, user-friendly technology. Since its inception, Solity has dedicated itself to developing advanced smart locks that blend security, convenience, and technology. Solity bases its mission on offering accessible, innovative home security solutions, like biometric verification and smartphone integration, for easy management. The main function of the Solity smart lock is its strong security. It uses high-level encryption to keep out unauthorized users, making homeowners feel safer. The lock lets you get in using fingerprint scans, PIN codes, RFID access, or a smartphone app. This variety means users can choose the easiest way for them to get in. This smart lock also works well with other smart home devices and systems. Through the Solity app, users can control the lock from anywhere, keep an eye on the door, and get alerts if someone tries to get in. This adds more security and convenience. Its design is modern and sleek, so the Solity smart lock not only makes homes safer but also looks good on any door. It's built to last, even in tough weather, making it good for both inside and outside use. The Solity smart lock is a big step forward in making homes safer. It offers top security features, is easy to use, and works with other smart devices to give homeowners a full security solution. Whether you're updating your system or putting in a new one, the Solity smart lock is a great choice for today's homes.

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